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Seminars in Portugal | Invest in IT to optimize bottom line

Gelecek → October 07, 2016

New generation software solutions for the textile, apparel and shoe industry


Datatex AG presented last September two seminars in Portugal, one in North Guimarães and another in the Centre region, Covilhã.

Portugal is one of the leading European producers of the textile and clothing industry.

Since 2010 Portugal continues to experience growth based on key factors of business, namely in product innovation, high flexibility and technical personnel supported by experience.

The textile and clothing sector in Portugal is made up of 6,000 companies and employs about 130,000 direct workers. The year 2015 registers the value of exports very close to the best ever.

The sectors responsible in Portugal for the period of 2014-2020 includes:  focus on technology linked to the improvement of processes and functionality, the development of human resources, increased productivity, qualification and training, development knowledge and necessary skills to perform the duties of directors and fundamentally the quota increase in the most valued and demanding markets increasing margins.

In this context, Datatex AG with its extensive experience  presented a program with key issues for the Portuguese industry:

- Under the theme “The textile, clothing and footwear are different” fundamental characteristics have been identified that the industrial information system should have for this complex and with a large variety of processes and products sector, by Sílvia Cruz, Datatex in Portugal.

- "Costing, a unique bottom up approach“ methodologies proposed by NOW ERP, in the voice of the CEO, Ronnie Hagin.

Planning and scheduling in production addresses the various solutions and methodologies to overcome the challenges of a current industrial manager by Roberto Crovetto, Marketing Manager of Datatex .

The diverse audience with directors and engineers of textile companies, clothing and footwear, teachers and students, shared information and knowledge with the purpose of cooperation between the various actors and agents of this strategic sector of Portugal.

With this principle of cooperation and collaboration, Datatex shared the organization of the seminars with the University of Minho and Textile Engineers Association, APETT, in the northern country, University of Beira Interior, Association for the textile technology training, AFTEBI and UBI Wool Museum in Covilhã; in an event that all in unanimous way want to repeat.








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