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FLASH SRB celebrates the opening of its new plant in Apatin, Serbia

Gelecek → June 29, 2016

At a ceremony held at the new industrial area of Apatin, on April 14th, 2016, Serbia’s Speaker of the parliament and the Serbian Minister of the Economy inaugurated the new Flash textile mill along with the four Italian investors in this joint venture who made it all possible.

The newborn Company has created more than 160 jobs  and plans to  increase that number to 300 with the rising demand to its knitting, dyeing and finishing processes.

Thanks to Datatex and its NOW™ ERP solution, the real core of the business management, FLASH SRB is able to manage and track every single oparation creating a single information system, integrating all knowhow, production and customer orders and providing decision makers with the tools to manage.  

Datatex philosophy and dedicated textile competence which lead flash to select Datatex NOW as their ERP solutions is the reason for the the succesful implementation which can now provide a central management system where every piece of information is entered once and available for all functions at all times.

The main objective of NOW is to be able to manage and orchestrate all systems and operations in the company providing real time accurate information:  

- Semi-automatic warehouse of greige fabric

- Color receipe and sampling systems

- Dosing and dye control systems

- Color kitchen

- Final inspecting and packaging system

Thanks to the full integration of all mill  activities, Datatex NOW™ provides the required knowledge and information resulting in improved customer service and increased profitability.  

Datatex is proud of the level of satisfaction and enthusiasm demonstrated towards our NOW systems during the ceremony, by the president of the company right through to the single operator.









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