DATATEX ÖRNEK ÇALIŞMALAR - Liste yazdır (örnek çalışmalar sayfasına geri dönün)

(Australia) ACS

Australian Country Spinners


Australian Country Spinners (ACS) produces high quality, pure wool, wool-blend, synthetic hand-knitting and machine-knitting yarns. It was formed in 1991 through the merger of Wangaratta Woollen Mills, Cleckheaton and Panda Yarns.

Wangaratta Woollen Mills began production of wool worsted yarn in 1923 and was soon acknowledged as the most progressive spinner of high quality knitting yarns, growing to become Australia's largest mainland woolen mill.

Today, Australian Country Spinners is Australia’s largest producer of wool hand-knitting and industrial yarns.


The solution

The management and production staff at ACS recognized the need for an integrated textile information system as a support in the achievement of their goals of productivity, customer service and profitability.

They had been evaluating systems for approximately five years, visiting trade fairs and viewing demonstrations. At the end of their long search, staff at ACS found the textile information system they were looking for - from Datatex.

The ACS Project Manager outlined the main reasons for their choice: “TIM has provided a high level of control and discipline over our textile manufacturing activities. We streamlined our business processes, replacing fragmented operations with an integrated approach removing manual costly procedures”.

“We obtained, soon after the Datatex installation, measurable results on the reduction of work in progress and inventory. The cost savings were significant. Afterwards we appreciated a more efficient use of the manufacturing resources: it is difficult to quantify the benefits, being a plant of fast changing production. However, we are now positive and confident in our choices, supported with reliable information”.

“We are now appreciating the planning functions, with improved customer service, and the calculation of contribution margins to support the best choices for profitability.”


Australian Country Spinners Pty Ltd

314 Albert Street Brunswick,
Victoria 3056 Australia

Phone +61 3 9380 3888
Fax: +61 3 9387 2674

(Belgium) De Poortere Frères

De Poortere Frères


De Poortere Frères is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of double velvet and flat-woven fabrics for the upholstery market with a total production capacity of 1 million meters per month.

The company is the market leader in all European countries and has strong positions in the USA and Canada markets.


The solution

All process steps are supported by the Datatex solution: purchasing, customer order entry, order confirmation, commercial planning (via warehouse availability) and production control (from warp, through greige fabric to finished dyed fabric).

The Datatex solution also allows standard cost calculations for all articles (individual as well as per family groups of articles) calculating contribution margins and indicating the production mix required to maximize profitability.

Guy Gyselinck, manager of DPF's IT department, commented: “The main support to the company goals comes from the integration of information between the commercial and the production department. This drives a significant improvement in customer service while keeping the inventories at a profitable level.”

“The B2B module allows De Poortere Frères agents and customers to query on open orders, query on closed orders (order history), report on open and closed orders, and view shipping reports.”

“Our goal is to further enhance customer service. And one of the key points of the customer satisfaction is to provide them with timely information.”


De Poortere Frères

Industrielaan 97
B7700 Moeskroen

Phone + 32 56 859 511
Fax: + 0032 56 85 95 69

(Bolivia) Ametex



Ametex is the largest textile company in Bolivia. Its vertically integrated production process starts from the import of cotton fiber which is then made into yarn in a spinning mill that is one of the most modern and highly equipped in the world today.

Founded in 1965, Ametex now operates seven different plants, in a fully integrated manufacturing chain from spinning to sewing and embellishment operations.

The company’s international customers include Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Kids, Polo Jeans and Express. It also caters for the national market with lines of men’s, women’s and children’s casual wear and sports apparel.


The solution

The Datatex solution supports Ametex's business from end-to-end, from the acquisition of customer orders to the launch of production activities, from procurement to order fulfillment with complete integration of the different departments involved.

The 'size' element of the garment manufacturing is tailored to fit Ametex requirements. In particular it allows orders to be received in European sizes while production is managed in USA sizes.

The standard Datatex package was implemented with a certain amount of specific programming to support Ametex’s special color-handling needs.

Another important feature is the material-tracing function: it ensures the final quality of the garments, allocating each lot of material to specific work orders in the production chain.



Calle Yanacachi 1489 - Villa Fatima
La Paz - Bolivia
PO Box 2134

Phone: +591-22-219595
Fax: +591-2-2219684

(China) Autumn Cashmere

Autumn Cashmere


Autumn Cashmere is a fresh, contemporary and innovative knitwear company, creating cashmere, cashmere blend and cotton sweaters and accessories that excite the senses and inspire fun living. AC identity is known by countless fashion minded consumers and many high profile celebrities. AC backs up every garment with quality and unbeatable craftsmanship. Rich cashmere and cotton yarn of the highest quality is the cornerstone of our fashion-driven philosophy. AC offers innovative designs and affordable price points, seasonal updates and a flexible merchandising range. On the technical side, AC have a vertically integrated operation that creates a synergy between design, production and distribution. Autumn Cashmere owns its production facilities in Shanghai, China.


The solution

Datatex NOW solution was selected by Autumn Cashmere based on its rich industry functionality and latest available web technology to manage its end-to-end vertical high fashion production. The implementation was done by Chemtax Ltd. Datatex Business partner in China and supported directly by Datatex.


The solution functionalities included:

  • Sales management, from order entry through to picking, packing, shipping and invoicing
  • Manufacturing, orders are launched, scheduled and tracked across the entire production cycle
  • Shopfloor data collection system for tracking and progress of production orders
  • Purchasing, handled from order through receipt to billing control and supplier evaluation
  • Inventory management of from Yarn accessories, spare parts and all others
  • Product standard Costing
  • Given the high value of products and raw material, high resolution material and quality tracking

(China) Pacific Textile

Pacific Textiles


Headquartered in Hong Kong and with production plants at Panyu city in South China, Pacific Textiles Limited, is one of the major players in the knitted fabric industry in Hong Kong, with over 3000 staff and an annual fabric production capacity of over 30 million kilograms.

The production center comprises three main plants (knitting, dyeing and printing), all equipped with the most modern technology for the production of dyed fabric, yarn-dyed fabrics and prints.

The company’s aim is to become market leader in the Asia-Pacific region through its world-class textile production.


The solution

The Datatex solution chosen by Pacific Textiles handles end-to-end all the information required to manage production organization:

  • the order fulfilment cycle is managed from acceptance and entry through to picking, packing, shipping and invoicing
  • manufacturing orders are launched, scheduled and tracked across the entire textile production cycle
  • purchasing is handled from order through receipt to billing control and supplier evaluation.

“We are well satisfied with the Datatex implementation,” said Dr Clement Lam, director of Pacific Textiles. “Not only we are measuring significant benefits in inventory reductions and in customer service improvements, but also we have the support and the data needed for making informed decisions.”


Pacific Textiles Limited

7/F, Blk B, Eastern Sea Ind Bldg
48-56 TAI Lin Pai Rd
Hong Kong

Phone +825 2424 8221
Fax: +852 2420 7977

(India) SEL Group

SEL Group


SEL Manufacturing Ltd, which has positioned itself as an established and leading vertically integrated multi product textile manufacturing conglomerate in India, has gone live on ERP in about five and half months time since initiation of the project.

SEL runs with ultra modern facilities engaged in the manufacturing of high quality textiles across the entire texti le value chain that include yarns, knitted fabrics, towels, readymade garments and in future denims too.

With a marketing network in more than 40 countries around the globe, SEL Group, which has a current annual turnover of usd 400 Million, has ambitious p lans to reach US$ one billion by financial year 2013 - 14.

SEL project includes sales, planning, scheduling, production, costing, shop floor management, inventory and purchases . All included in the Datatex NOW (Network Oriented World) standard offering. The project is being managed and implemented by Infinite Computer s olutions (India) Ltd ( ICS),, Datatex BP in India . ICS has been selected by Datatex as their partner in India for the sale, implementation and support of their ERP product NOW.

(India) Vardhman Textiles

Vardhman Group


The Vardhman Group is the largest producer and exporter of yarns in India and has sizeable sales of gray and processed fabrics. The group has strong presence in evolved markets like USA, the EU and Japan.

Group production activities are spread over 18 plants located throughout India with a supporting marketing and logistics network across the nation. With a workforce of over 20,000, large production capacities and a strong international presence, the Vardhman Group is a leading global player in the textile sector.


The solution

The solution was based on IBM’s iSeries platform running
OS400 as the operating system with DB2 as the relational database management system. IBM India provided business consultancy and ERP application implementation consultancy services.

The Datatex implementation started with defining the parameters including terminology, procedures, transactions and the data formats creating a master reference document.

The Management Accounting Information System (MAIS) was implemented to ensure all products, material and operational process details were available such as spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing and finishing operations. This module enables the company to plan production budgets and product costs.

Other modules implemented, included Material Advanced Stores Handler to manage warehouse inventory; and Supplier Orders System to process purchase orders; Customer Order Processing System that handles all customer related issues such as order entry, invoicing and shipping. Another important module was the Dye House Management System (K2Dye) that stores all information on batches as well as the recipes.

The Group experienced immediate benefits from the new solution: “The seamless integration and connectivity of all operations has resulted in precisely monitoring customer service and stock levels. This has led to an overall reduction in inventory levels and customer satisfaction. Customer orders can now be tracked from the shop floor to warehouses and shipping details. There is a great improvement in customer satisfaction.”


Vardhman Spg & Gen. Mills Ltd.

Chandigardh Road,
Ludhiana, Punjab-141010,

Phone + 91 (0161)-662543-48

(Italy) EDA



Founded in 1981 by Enzo degli Anguioni, EDA is today a major fabric manufacturer with an output of 200,000 meters per month of Jacquard and 100,000 meter of flat-woven fabrics in 12,000 color variants.

EDA’s manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001 and 9002 standards. The production of fabrics begins from raw yarn and uses all main natural and synthetic fibers utilized in the furnishing sector. Dyeing and finishing processes are carried out by selected sub-contractors.


The solution

The rapid growth of the company created the need for a more integrated, reliable information system. “We chose the Datatex solution,” explained Roberto Angiuoni, “after having evaluated different ERPs, such as SAP. Our system was old and we wanted to make a technologically avant-garde choice”.

The new system began operation three months after the signing of the contract.

With this solution, EDA uses a complete range of ERP functions (multi-language, multi-currency, multi-company), maintaining at the same time a high degree of flexibility.

Big improvements were acknowledged by the system users. Each user can now set up a personalized workstation, create reports in HTML format (ready for Internet publication) and handle the printers and peripherals, controlling the format and quality set-ups.

The Business Intelligence needs have been solved with the specialized BI module that, using pre-defined management models, shows the key figures of the company, trends in sales, purchases and production.

“Our choice was successful,” observed Roberto Angiuoni. “In a very short time we have been able to improve business control by increasing integration among the different units and activities and by improving the reliability of the data extracted”.


Enzo degli Angiuoni SpA

Via Europa, Garbagnate Monastero, LC 23846
Phone +39 031 852895

(Turkey) Aydınlı Hazır Giyim

Aydinli Group


This Istanbul-based garment manufacturer has a staff of over 2500 employees engaged in the production of jackets, trousers and shirts under the brand names of Pierre Cardin, Cacharel and Becon. Other major products are casual wear for men and women under the trade mark of U.S. Polo and external commissioned products and accessories.

With around 150 retail stores throughout Turkey, 3 multi-storey mega stores and over 500 sales points, Aydınlı Group is one of the leading companies of the Turkish ready-to-wear sector. The group also has stores and sales points in Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, the Balkans and Eastern Europe.


The solution

Until 2002 the group organization was supported by an information system developed by the internal IT department. As their operations became more complex they felt the need for an integrated software solution.

Their choice fell on the Datatex platform which fitted their needs for an apparel manufacturer’s specific functions, flexibility and integration with a local financial software package.

The project was lead by Datatex business partner KOTA and, after three months, implementation was complete.

The Datatex ERP supports inventory management at all levels, including external commissioned products, and integration with the financial package. The solution also supports the order fulfillment cycle (from order entry to shipping), production management implementation (planning, launching and tracking) and the purchasing cycle (from order receipt to billing control).

According to Mr. Abdulkadir Baysan, Aydinli group general manager, "the software chosen fits company needs and is significantly simplifying and smoothing group operations".


Aydinli Group

Mimar Sinan Eski Londra Asfaltı No:92/1 F
Büyükçekmece 34900 İstanbul

Phone +90 212 863 46 80
Fax: +90 212 863 46 85

(USA) Precision Fabrics Group

Precision Fabrics Group


Precision Fabrics develops, manufactures, and sells highly engineered fabrics for a variety of uses from electronic, communications and computer applications to bed linen for allergy sufferers.

The group’s products are the result of intensive development work and the R&D group holds numerous patents in diversified textiles, finishes, and coatings.


The solution

PFG's high-tech environment demanded a highly effective ERP solution to support their manufacturing and logistics operations. The chosen solution was expected to support the company’s lean manufacturing philosophy and to provide a platform for the company's future growth initiatives.

Mr. Jeff Robson, PFG’s project manager, explained: "The Datatex solution was our choice because it was the best ERP solution we found that we believed could evolve with the technological changes of the textile industry.”

“Its modular and table-driven approach allowed us to install it in different departments with minimal changes. We asked for a solution that could be implemented on time and on budget and Datatex delivered."


Precision Fabrics Group, Inc

301 Elm Street, Greensboro
27401 NC - USA

Phone +1-336 510-8092
Fax +1 336 510-8003