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Datatex e-business solution

The integration of business processes with external entities (Business Partners or Customers) is the main road for speeding up some operations and enhancing the Customer service.

Datatex e-business solution

It is the case of the order acquisition from Agents or from Qualified customers. An Internet based application can reduce the time for filling the order form, have a zero lead time for the company to receive it, eliminate the errors or mismatches on keyed codes, and be available around the clock. At the same time the application can be a two way communication system, informing the agents on his orders status, on available inventories or on company’s news.

Goals of Datatex b2b solution

  • Gain time in the entry of orders from agents or customers
  • Avoid duplication of data entry
  • Update the Agent on his customers orders
  • Inform the Agents on available products.

Datatex b2b solution functions

  • Customer orders input
  • Customer orders progress status query
  • Available to sell inventories
  • Product catalogue (images, price lists, technical data).

Application highlights

  • Guaranteed security
    • Datatex b2b has its own database.
    • Company Information System database not on-line with the Internet operations
    • Customer defines update frequency for 2 databases
  • Robust design
    • Application server separated from HTLM server
    • Based on JBoss
  • Flexible solution
    • In-house implementation
    • SaaS – Software as a Service solution from Datatex Server farm
  • Textile and Apparel specific
    • Order entry functions consider textile and apparel best-practice
    • Matrix order entry for colour-size products

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