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MCM - Machine Capacity Management

The goal of Datatex MCM is to support the best utilization of the capacity of a company’s plants, in order to avoid under- and/or over-utilized resources or unfulfilled customers.

Datatex MCM is a flexible graphical tool supporting single users for single facilities, or multiple departmental users for single/multiple facilities. Moreover, the Planner, if empowered, can change the Production Schedule with a specific tool.

Datatex MCM’s Objectives

MCM support the answer to the following questions:

  • Where are my capacity exceptions?
  • Where are my material exceptions?
  • Where are my delivery date problems?
  • What is the best delivery date?
  • Is it possible to accept that order for that date?

Datatex MCM Capabilities

MCM is a finite/infinite planning graphic tool, which helps the planner organizing all production.
Requirements considering:

  • Machines capacity and compatibility
  • Materials (Stock, supplier orders, WorkInProgress, etc.)
  • Production constrains (Tools, human resources etc.)
  • Requested delivery dates

Datatex MCM competitive advantages

  • Designed for textile industry. It considers constraints and best-practices of the sector
  • Automatic scheduling and balancing of demands
  • Bottleneck detection in case of infinite capacity scheduling
  • Configurable according to the company’s needs and the textile industry typology

Datatex MCM functions

  • MCM places production requests on the planning board, according to pre-defined rules (Request date, compatibility between product and resource, etc)
  • A queue of the requests is sorted by user definable priorities.
  • The supported planning methods are “starting date” (earliest date – improvement of production efficiency) or “delivery date” (latest dates – stock reduction and WIP improvement), at finite capacity or at infinite capacity
  • Infinite capacity rule is to release a bottle neck by increasing capacity or moving to alternative Work Centre
  • Finite capacity rule is to delay steps, when and if needed.

Datatex MCM Additional Capabilities

The planner can:

  • Increase the capacity  of a Work Centre for a certain period
  • Decrease the capacity  of a Work Centre for a certain period
  • Switch Finite/infinite capacity method
  • Change Work center
  • Modify Calendar.

Datatex MCM Order Acceptance

With the function it is possible to check if a certain order can be accepted for a requested date and if not, what is the “best possible” delivery date based on the capacity availability.







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