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FI - Financial Management

Financial accounting is at the core of every company as its figures provide the basis for business decisions. A modern accounting department not only reliably fulfils legal requirements, but also enables useful evaluations to support company management.

Financial Management

Datatex Financial Management

NOW FI financial accounting meets all the requirements of management accounting and also provides various real-time reports which can be used for managerial decision-making processes. The solution has a modular structure and has different applications for financial accounting, asset accounting or reporting. The software can map group structures and enables set-up of customised access rights.

Full Integration, Full Performance

As a result of its complete integration into Datatex ERP, NOW FI enables in-depth evaluations and greater efficiency. Sales order data is automatically transferred from the ERP system to the accounting department. Entries are generated in the background and do not have to be transferred manually. From within financial accounting, you can directly view the ERP data to track a document, for example.

Since there are no interfaces, data must be maintained in one system only and can be used or evaluated across departments. Master data must be maintained in one system only and this prevents redundancies within the data itself.

Integrated financial accounting ensures you only need to maintain one system, make one back up and only service one database. Software updates can be carried out easily and without errors associated with interfaces. Users benefit from the integrated system, as it requires only one login name and one password for access to all areas.

Intuitive and User-Friendly

As in the Datatex ERP, the user interface is clearly arranged. With only a few clicks, you can access the required menu items . Entry screens have been reduced to a minimum so that all relevant data can be entered at once.

Effective Cash Flow Management

The financial cockpit supports managers in maintaining an overview of the company's most important key figures. Comprehensive liquidity management provides insight into the company's cash levels; the figures are updated daily and can also be viewed on a tablet or smartphone. Financial data from accounting and outstanding items from the Datatex ERP are displayed together with the calculated planning data in a clearly arranged timeline. The user can simply click on the items to access reports or request additional information. In this way, income and expenses can be tracked down to document level and suppliers and customers can be selected according to various criteria.







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