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CAMS - Computer Aided Manufacturing System

CAMS is originally designed for the textile and apparel industry. The system has been proven in all areas of the textile supply chain and is now being implemented also in other industries.

CAMS is tailored to each customer and to each work station within the customer: A flexible tool allows to design each function and screen as required for optimal man-machine communication. Customization is not a programming effort but an "on the spot" set up activity.

CAMS main objectives

  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Detect machine stops with stop reasons
  • Report timely production progress

The CAMS workstations, installed at shop floor or lift trucks are PCs, stand-alone or connected in a network, with optional machine (i.e. PLC) interfaces.

Typical CAMS Applications

  • Weighing stations, automatic or manual
  • Production progress of continuous machines
  • Control of transport and packaging systems
  • Control of palletising systems
  • Mixer and dosage equipment
  • Process visualisation
  • Lift truck stations via wireless LAN
  • Warehouse entry, exit and movements

CAMS increases productivity by

  • Real time production progress reporting
  • Automatic machine stop detection
  • Event based or continious data recording
  • Recording of operator and shift productivity
  • PLC connection for online data collection
  • Scanner and RFID support
  • Machine monitoing and status supervision
  • Shift/Operator summary report.

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