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(Australia) Australian Country Spinners

Australian Country Spinners

Australian Country Spinners PTY LTD

see ACS in the Case studies folder

314 Albert Street
Brunswick, Victoria 3056 Australia

+61 3 9380 3888 fax 61 3 9387 2674

Australian Country Spinners (ACS) is the Australian largest producer of hand-knitting and industrial yarns. It serves to the local and international market place high quality, pure wool, wool-blend and synthetic hand-knitting, machine-knitting yarn and weaving yarns.

(Bangladesh) BEXIMCO Textile



BEXIMCO Textiles Ltd

19 Dhanmondi R/A Road No. 3
Bel Tower Bangladesh
Dhaka 1205 Bangladesh

Tel +880-2-8618220-7 Fax +880-2-889187

BEXIMCO Textiles Ltd. (BTL) is located at the Beximco Industrial Park and is the most modern mill in the region. BTL has an installed capacity of 293 highspeed air-jet looms in its weaving section and a high-tech dyeing and finishing section with a capacity of 100,000 yards of finished fabric per day.

(Colombia) Textiles Fabricato Tejicóndor

Textiles Fabricato Tejicóndor

Textiles Fabricato Tejicóndor S.A.

Carrera 50 No. 38-320, Bello, Colombia

tel +57 4 454 2424

Fabricato Tejicóndor and its subsidiaries form a group of companies which provide textile products for attending national and international markets. It offers various products, including yarns, woven fabrics, knits, nonwovens, interlinings, household lines, and finished garments.

(Germany) Lauffenmühle


Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co.

Kadelburger Straße 11 79787 Lauchringen
79787 Lauchringen - Germany
Phone +49-7621-584198, Fax: +49-7621-584111

Fully integrated company of the DAUN group with more than 150 years of experience in the textile manufacture of yarns and fabrics, specialised in the production of fabrics for conventional work wear, protective wear and corporate wear.

(India) Maral Overseas

Maral Overseas

Maral Overseas LTD (Bhilwara group)

Bhilwara Towers, A-12 Sector I, Noida

201301 (NCR Delhi), India.
Tel.: +91-120-4390300 Fax : +91-120-2531648

Maral Overseas Ltd. (MOL) is a part of the LNJ Bhilwara Group, one of India’s leading corporations with a turnover of USD 500 million. MOL is one of India’s largest vertically integrated manufacturing companies producing Yarns, Knitted fabrics and Knitted garments.

(India) RSWM


RSWM limited

Bhilwara Towers, A-12 Sector I, Noida

201301 (NCR Delhi), India.
Tel.: +91-120-4390300 Fax : +91-120-2531648

RSWM is producing Yarn, Fabrics, Garments and Denim. It is one of the largest producers and exporters of polyester viscose blended yarn in India. The company operates around 360,000 spindles and produces 1,000,000 MT of yarn per year.

(India) Vardhman Textiles



Corporate Office
Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana,
Punjab - 141010, India.

Tel: +91(0161)-2228943-48 Fax: +91(0161)-2601048

Vardhman, a major integrated textile producer in India, was setup in 1965 at Ludhiana, Northern India. Since then, the Group has expanded manifold and is today, one of the largest textile conglomerates in India. Yarn Manufacturing is the major activity of the group, accounting for 65% of the turnover of the group, which has footprints in fabrics, sewing threads, and acrylic fibre.

(Italy) Azienda Fonderami Dragoni

Azienda Fonderami Dragoni

Azienda Foderami Dragoni S.p.a.

Via L. Vaschi, 10 - 21013 Gallarate (VA) - Italy
Tel +39.0331.702011 Fax +39.0331.771669

Quick service, high quality of its products, a wide warehouse available for immediate deliveries and no production minimums are the key factors for its own customers satisfaction.

(Italy) Benetton Group: Olimpias

Benetton Group: Olimpias


Benetton Group: Olimpias spa

Via delle Tezze, 1 31050 Ponzano(TV) - Italy
tel +39 04226262 fax + 039 0422626100

Olimpias spa operates with 12 plants in Italy, with a turnover of more than 300 millions Euro and 2000 employees. Olimpias most important customer is Benetton; however 30% of the output is sold to companies outside the group: a clear proof of the production quality and of the level of customer care.

(Italy) Berto E.G. IndustriaTessile

Berto E.G. IndustriaTessile

Berto E.G. Industria Tessile S.p.A.

Via Mazzini, 11
35024 Bovolenta (Padova) Italia

Tel. + 39 049 9599711 - Fax + 39 049 9599700 / 702

Berto's average production capacity is 13 million metres per year. Lightweight and stretch items are their speciality, starting from cotton fibre to finally reach the finished fabric. They mainly supply 100% cotton fabrics, multitwist, twisted fabrics, stretch, using synthetic and natural fibres.

(Italy) Canclini Tessile

Canclini Tessile

Canclini Tessile Spa

via XXV Aprile, 71
22070 Guanzate (CO) - Italy

Tel. +39.031.3527511 Fax +39.031.899422

Canclini Tessile S.p.A. is specialised in the production of fabrics for shirts. Founded in 1925 by Giuseppe Canclini, it is still managed by Canclini family. Thanks to raw materials, up-to-date machineries and sophisticated technologies, the Company has strengthened its market presence.

(Italy) Clerici Tessuto & C.

Clerici Tessuto & C.

Clerici Tessuto & C. S.p.a

via Belvedere 1a
22070 Grandate Como – ITALY

Tel. +39 031455229

Silk factory founded in 1922, Clerici Tessuto is nowadays an integrated vertical plant producing 1,6 millions meters of fabric. They service customers in Italy (40%), Europe (25%), America (20%) and Far East (15%). They are well present in the prêt-à-porter and high fashion markets and are now entering the fields of furnishings and men's accessories.

(Italy) E. Boselli & C.

E. Boselli & C.


Via Carducci 11
Olgiate Comasco ( Como ) Italy

Tel. +39 031944050 Fax.+39 031943017

Founded in 1898 as silk weaving mill, E. Boselli & C Spa is today specialised in woven fabrics, in polyester, mainly for medium/big size clothing manifacturers and wholesalers. The company's production is vertically organised from yarn twisting to yarn texturizing, warping, warp-sizing, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing. All the different processes are carried out within the company facilities.

(Italy) Etro


Etro S.p.A.

Via Spartaco 3/6, Milano, , Italy

Tel. +39 02550201 Fax +39 0255020281

Etro S.p.A., that was founded in 1968, engages in the design and production of accessory collections for women and men. It offers eye wear, furnishing fabrics, home accessories, home collection, leather goods, and perfumes, as well as accessories, including ties, shawls, scarves, pocket squares, and wraps.

(Italy) Fiorete Group

Fiorete Group



via Guanzasca 2 - 22073 Fino Mornasco (CO) Italy
phone ++39 031 882511 -

Fiorete Group was set up in 1934. Today it produces light curtain fabrics, classic and furnishing fabrics and a wide range of textile accessories such as shawls, table toppers, cushions, drapes, laces, floor covers. Visits its showroom next to Fifth Avenue, in the heart of Manhattan.

(Italy) Frette


Frette Srl

Via Dante, 15
20049 Concorezzo (Milan) Italy

Tel. +39 039 60461 Fax +39 039 6046 505

Frette manufactures and provides luxury linens to hotels and homes. It offers bed sets; loungewear, pajamas, slippers, and lingerie for men and women; bath robes, room fragrance, soaps, and towels; and gifts. It operates as a retail and wholesale company in all the world.

(Italy) O.R.V.



O.R.V. SpA
see ORV in the Case studies folder

Via regina Elena, 39 I - 35010 Grantorto (PD) Italy

Tel. +39 - 049 942 1600 Fax +39 - 049 942 1777

O.R.V. Ovattificio Resinatura Valpadana S.p.A., chief company of the textile division of the Maurizio Peruzzo Holding was founded in 1949. With 4 plants in Italy, equipped for the latest technology, it produces wadding, non-woven fabrics, felts, and porous felts.

(Italy) Seterie Argenti

Seterie Argenti

Seterie Argenti spa

via Risorgimento 23
22038 Tavernerio (CO) Italy

Tel. +39 03142921 Fax +39 031427733

Seterie Argenti, founded in 1951, is known for its prints and jacquards fabrics for clothes: a dynamic company involved in anticipating the women fashion trends. Seterie Srgenti style office cooperates with its clients to fulfil any specific requirement.

(Italy) Tessitura Carlo Lamperti

Tessitura Carlo Lamperti


Via della Tecnica 8
23875 OSNAGO (LC) Italia

Tel. : ‎+39 039 9520000 Fax : ‎+39 039 587226

Tessitura Carlo Lamperti E Figlio Spa is one of the most up to date industrial realities, specialized in production of table, bath, bed an d kitchen linen for the world of top restaurants, catering world and for the qualified hotel industry.

(Italy) Tessitura Monti

Tessitura Monti


Via Saltore
31052 Maserada Sul Piave (TV) Italia

Tel. : ‎+39 0422 7291 Fax : ‎+39 0422 877240

Tessitura Monti produces 20 million metres of hemp and cotton fabric a year, distributes its products in over 90 countries and exports about two thirds of its whole production. Quality as a distinguishing element, as a result of the selection the finest raw materials and the use of leading-edge technology.

(Italy) Zoli Dino

Zoli Dino

Zoli Dino & c srl

Viale Bologna 286/a
47100 FORLI' (FC) Italia

Tel. : ‎+39 0543 755711 Fax : ‎+39 0543 756568

Dino Zoli, textiles for the furnishing, born in 1972 in Forlì. The company services the padding industry, the wholesalers, the textile editors and the contract suppliers proposing its textile collections. Dino Zoli works manufactures natural fibres (linen, cotton and wool) or synthetic fibres (polyester and acrylic) to obtain fabrics with the best colour, softness and consistency.

(Mexico) Entretelas Brinco

Entretelas Brinco

Entretelas Brinco, S.A. de C.V.

Carretera Cuautitlan Tlalnepantla 62,
Col. La Concepcion, Tultitlan, Edo Mexico C.P. 54900

Tel. (+52) 55 5870 5020 - 29 Fax: (+52) 55 5872 1090 / 5872 1290

Entretelas Brinco is one of the largest interlining manufacturers in the America's, well known also for its circular Knitting line as well as Not Knitted products. Brinco was founded in 1938, it is located in Mexico City and has distribution centers in Mexico, Central and South America.

(Portugal) Textile Manuel Goncalves

Textile Manuel Goncalves

Textil Manuel Goncalves S.A.

Vilar, Sao Cosme do Vale,
4764-952 Vila Nova de Famelicao, Portugal

tel. +351 252 30 04 00 fax +351 252 30 06 91

Founded in 1937 by Manuel Goncalves, TMG is today the largest group within Portugal's textile industry. Building on its own experience, TMG has developed a reputation for producing innovative products and services. TMG is structured into several business units, each responsible for a specific range of products: TMG Yarns, TMG Fabrics, TMG Automotive and TMG Knitting.

(South Africa) Da Gama Textile Company

Da Gama Textile Company

Da Gama Textile Company Ltd.

PO Box 105
King William's Town
5600 - South Africa

Tel:+27 (0) 40 608 6200 Fax: +27 (0) 40 608 6334

Da Gama Textiles is one of South Africa’s leading textile producers and has been producing cotton and cotton/man-made fibres since 1948. Da Gama’s production covers a wide range of textile requirements in both the local and export markets, for Work Wear, Government Tenders, Contracts, Home Sewing, Fashion Apparel, Curtaining & Upholstery.

(Switzerland) Eschler

Christian Eschler AG


Founded in 1927, the Christian Eschler AG quickly advanced to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of functional knit fabrics. Today, the family owned business, based in Bühler/Switzerland, is managed by the third Eschler generation and specialises in sportswear, work wear, technical textiles and lingerie. As one of the first textile companies, Eschler committed itself to an environmentally friendly production cycle by becoming a bluesign® system partner.

(Thailand) Luckytex



Luckytex (Thailand) Public Company Limited

20 North Sathorn Road, Bangrak Bangkok
10500 Thailand

Tel (66-2) 266-6600 07

Luckytex is one of the leaders in fabric production in Thailand. It manufactures spun fabric, denim fabric, taffeta fabric and denim fabric.

(Thailand) Thai Toray Textiles Mills

Thai Toray Textiles Mills

Thai Toray Textile Mills Public Company Limited

Bubhajit Building, 20 North Sathorn Rd.,
Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 - Thailand

Thai Toray Textile Mills Public Company Limited was established in March 1963. Its factory is located in Nakorn Pathom province, about 45km west of Bangkok, to operate spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, and finishing.

(Turkey) Akin Texstil

Akin Texstil

Akin Textil as

Veliefendi Yolu No: 49
34730 Bakırköy/ İstanbul-Türkiye

Phone: +90 212 543 64 40
Fax: +90 212 583 50 69

Founded in 1956, AKIN TEKSTİL produces high quality fabrics with its spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and quality control departments, using state of the art technologies. AKIN TEKSTİL is among the leaders of technical textile manufacturers in Turkey and its apparels deparment has a monthly production capacity of 450.000 pieces.

(Turkey) Biesseci Bursa Tekstil

Biesseci Bursa Tekstil


Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Gri Cad. No:5
Nilüfer/ Bursa Türkiye

Phone: +90-224-2700300
Fax: +90-224-2700349

Biesseci was founded in 1984 as the first international joint venture in Turkey to produce sports and casualswear clothing. It is an environmentally conscious manufacturer and its production includes knitting, dyehouse and confection. Biesseci exports globally, from USA to China, from Germany to Korea, from France to Spain.

(Turkey) ISKO


ISKO Weaving Industry and Trade Corporation

Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 3.Cadde
Inegol – Bursa, Turkey

Phone: +90-224-2807700
Fax: +90-224-7148019

ISKO established in the 80’s, is an innovative Denim fabric brand producer with the capacity of 200 million meters of fabric per year. ISKO enjoys the advantage of being in control of entire process of Denim manufacturing from raw cotton to the finished fabric. The production facilities are equipped with the latest machinery and best equipment technologically available. The fabrics produced by ISKO have “ÖKO TEX 100” and “ISO 9000” certifications.

(Turkey) Kıvanç Tekstil

Kıvanç Tekstil

Kıvanç Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.Ş

mersin yolu üzeri

Phone: ‎+90 0322 352 40 40
Fax: ‎+90 0322 351 92 52

Kivanc Tekstil is recognized in international markets as well as in Turkey for more than 40 years of production experience with high quality standards for yarns and fabrics with cotton, polyester, rayon, linen and mixtures.
The production capacity os 15 t/day with 3 open-end facilities.

(Turkey) Orta Anadolu

Orta Anadolu


Cumhuriyet Cad N 255 Kat 5-6

ORTA is a division of KARAMANCI HOLDING. It is a fully integrated ( From cotton to fabric) vertical plant producing Denim for high-quality multinational sportswear manufacturers.

(Turkey) Pisa Tekstil ve Boya

Pisa Tekstil ve Boya

Pisa Tekstil ve Boya Fab. A.Ş.

Merkez M. Değirmenbahçe C. Kavak S. No:1 34197
Yenibosna – Bahçelievler / İSTANBUL TURKEY

Phone: +90 212 654 61 00
Fax:+90 212 639 95 67

Pisa Textile Company performs since 1988 the dyeing, printing and finishing applications for knitted fabrics. With a production capacity of 25 ton/day, it has specialized in technical textile field owing to its qualified manpower and R&D facilities. Pisa Textile Company has verified its product and service quality by achieving the quality, as well as the environment management system certifications.

(Turkey) Soktas Pamuk

Soktas Pamuk

Soktas Pamuk Ur.Deg.Tic.San.A.S.

Cumhuriyet Mh. – Akeller Cd n^54
09201 Soke-AYDIN - Turkey

Phone: +90-256-5182255
Fax: +90 256 5184539

Soktas produces yarn dyed and piece dyed shirting and bluse fabric. of cotton, lycra, polyester, nylon blends and yarn dyed shirting fabric. The manufacturing activities include spinning, weaving, yarn dying and finishing. It is ISO 9001 certified and is well caring the environmental issues. The Company provides fabric to the most important brands worldwide.

(USA) Belton Industries

Belton Industries

Belton Industries Inc

1205 Hamby Rd.
Belton, SC 29627

Belton Industries, a specialty weaver of fabrics made primarily from polypropylene yarns, operates a state-of-the-art facility in Belton, SC and is an active international trader with offices in the US and India.

(USA) Precision Fabrics Group

Precision Fabrics Group

Precision Fabrics Group, Inc

301 Elm Street GREENSBORO
27401 NC - USA

Precision Fabrics Group develops, manufactures, and sells highly engineered fabrics. PFG's high performance products play an important role in many diverse markets that demand engineered, finished fabrics. The common thread among these markets is the technical nature of their requirements.

(USA) Swift Galey Corporation

Swift Galey Corporation


Atlanta, Georgia
Five Concourse Parkway Suite 2300
Atlanta, Georgia 30328 USA

Tel. +001 770.901.6300


Swift Galey is known for the production of two major lines of fabric - Galey, for its twill and Swift, for its denim. Known as Swift Denim Group when Galey & Lord purchased the company, Swift selected and implemented Datatex’s TIM solution in the early 1990’s - Datatex’s FIRST North American customer. Swift manufactures and markets a wide variety of denim products for apparel and non - apparel uses, such as home furnishings.

(USA) Syntec Industries

Syntec Industries Inc.

101 Watson St. - Rome, GA 30165

Tel +1 706.235.1768

Syntec Industries product line includes basic and patterned carpet, a variety of trims, vinyl, leather, suede, designer fabrics, marine mats, logos mats, and marine adhesives. Behind all of those products is quality support and service that exceeds customer expectations.

(USA) Texollini


Texollini Inc

2575 El Presidio Street
Long Beach, California 90810 USA

Tel:+1 (310) 537-3400 Fax: +1 (310) 537-3500

Founded in 1989, Texollini was designed to be among the most technologically advanced knitting mills in America., and has quickly grown to become one of the largest knitting specialist for stretch fabrics. Texollini is a vertically integrated knitting mill providing fabric development, knitting, dying, finishing, fabric print design and printing capabilities.