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Datatex at ITMA - Report

Date Added → July 09, 2019


Datatex attended as an exhibitor the famous international exhibition for Textile and Apparel ITMA, that this year took place in Barcelona.

We can make a very positive review of this event, because many companies and representatives from all over the world, visited our booth and asked for many information. Our sale agents, gave to our guests many information about our new products, they could also create many new relationships and strengthen the old ones as well.

We are also very proud to announce that Datatex signed 2 important agreements at the exhibition and other two agreements during the following week.

Datatex booth had 194 visitors, who became potential customers and gave us important information to contact them for future collaborations.


As far as the countries from which our visitors came from concern, we can create a little chart.

In the first place we have people coming from Europe, with 39 visitors and it is important to underline that this market is still very important for our company. Then we can find India with 36 visitors, showing a growing interest of this country for technological renewal of textile industries. In the third place we can find countries of South – Center America (Peru, Colombia, Mexico etc…) with 31 visitors coming to our stand. Turkey is also a very important market, with a long tradition in the textile field and we could meet 17 Turkish people in our booth. Then 15 people from Far East countries came to visit us, showing a great interest for our solutions. United States gave also their contribution with 12 visitors. Also North Africa should be mentioned, because with 11 visitors, it is a growing  market for Datatex with many new textile companies well established there, who need to improve their performances. China and Russia (and Eastern Europe Countries) with 10 visitors each, came to ITMA and asked for our solution for their textile companies.



Following you can find an interview with our South America sales manager Claudio Ballotta, who attended the exhibition.


What were your expectation about this exhibition?

The speed of technological changes is increasing. This makes that 4 years are a long time to develop advances and innovations. That's why expectations about ITMA 2019 were huge and that was reflected on the size of the fair. More than 1,700 suppliers and 12,000 visitors. It was 7 days of an intense and constant exchange of needs, expectations, proposals, agreements and businesses, many businesses. All this happening between people of different languages, cultures and nationalities. It is a clear and concrete example of the importance of globalization and that this key trend is here to stay.


How did you prepare for this exhibition? Which were the main points to promote Datatex solution?

From Datatex's point of view, we prepare very well for this fair. The most common problems and use cases faced by textile and apparel companies were organized in advance, showing the sequence of steps that we follow in our solution to deal with them. This was very useful to demonstrate potential customers, in a practical and quick way, how we can contribute to their own business.


What do you think about the general organization of the exhibition this year and about people who came to visit us?

In this edition of the fair, IT providers were all grouped together into a specific Hall, unlike other years where we were among machinery and equipment suppliers. This made visitor traffic less intensive, but on the other hand, it was a much more interested and less casual visitor. Just taking the tour to visit the Software Services Hall indicated an interest in the topic. Almost all interactions with visitors and curious reflected a latent problem and an intention to understand how our solutions could help.

In conversations with stakeholders I could see a certain maturity in the evaluation of information systems. When explaining the benefits of the solution, it is no longer enough to talk about generalities: "this will increase your efficiency", "we apply industry 4.0 principles" or "we have best practices". Potential customers expect more concrete explanations, they want to know how goals can be achieved in their textile company context. It is important to go into details and show the situation, referencing which things will change compared to their current situation. From this approach it is possible to understand the benefits that can be achieved and justify investments.


So, which are your final conclusions about the ITMA exhibition?

Finally, one of the most important aspects of the fair is the opportunity to talk directly with the people who make the decisions and who are often the same owners of the companies. In our day by day, it is very difficult to get this interaction. If we can schedule a meeting, these people use to have a defensive attitude. At the fair, these executives have a searching and learning attitude, looking for what is new and useful. This is an excellent opportunity to understand what their concerns are, explain our value proposition and establish direct contact, especially if in this relationship we have been able to generate a positive impact based on what Datatex can do for their customers.







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