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Interloop Limited to implement full Suite of Datatex IT Solutions 

Fecha adicionada → July 06, 2019

Interloop Limited to implement full Suite of Datatex IT Solutions 


Interloop Limited’s apparel divisions of Denim and Knitwear manufacturing have decided to implement full suite of Datatex Solutions.  

On this occasion, Mr. Feroze Ahmed, Vice President Denim, said “We studied the fitment of Datatex solution for our Denim and Knit Apparel operations. We looked into the functional and technical capability by meeting the teams across geographies. We also visited the Datatex lab in Milan before we finalised Datatex. What better place than ITMA Barcelona to confirm the decision!”

Datatex CEO Mr. Ronnie Hagin expressed “Interloop Limited is a very well-known name globally. It is our pleasure that they have selected us to implement our state of the art solutions for all business processes. Interloop Limited will implement our full suite of software in phased manner. This will help adoption in the existing IT layout quickly and get all the business information at a single platform to improve data traceability and hence customer service”  

Interloop Limited is one of the world’s largest Hosiery manufacturers. The Knitwear company has operations in Knitting, Dyeing, Embroidery, Printing, Finishing, Cutting, Sewing and Packing. The denim company has operations in Cutting, Embellishment, Sewing, Washing, Finishing and Packing. 

Interloop Limited would implement Datatex ERP NOW at manufacturing plants and HO, MCM for capacity planning, MQM for Machine Scheduling, CAMS for Shop floor automation, CATS for fabric Inspection, PDM for Product Development Management & BOARD for business intelligence. 







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