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Sales and Customer service

The solution follows the complete sales and order fulfillment processes step by step, avoiding or resolving problems at each stage, while keeping order status information constantly updated. ERP for knitting, weaving, spinning, printing, garment, apparel...

Sales and Customer Service allows the user to accept an order with a calculated, confirmed delivery date at the correct price, after approving credit, and then smoothly and efficiently enter, track, allocate, ship and invoice the transaction.

The following functionalities are covered:

Blanket Sales Agreement (BSA)

  • Negotiate long-term agreements with customers, defining: selected (or exclusive) products, pricing / discounts, forecasts, agreement volumes, effective dates...
  • Default or enforce negotiated terms on all "call off" orders / releases against the BSA
  • Capability to support call off orders with only partial product code (style, for example) entry in BSA and product code completion (color or size, for example) to be provided in later "accommodation"

Order Entry and Processing (Order Fulfillment)

  • Order templates for order types: normal, assortments, samples, new products, exclusive items...
  • Capture one-time sales beginning with quote or order entry
  • Fast order entry (full screen-multiple lines)
  • Matrix order entry (color-size or inseam-waist, for example)
  • User-definable header and lines user interface (screen and contents)
  • Multiple delivery lines (different delivery dates and / or different delivery points) • Tailor order processing for specialized business work flow (order life cycle)
  • Batch EDI and web portal order entry; import from external applications
  • Customer’s SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number to internal SKU number cross-reference
  • Kits, assortments, packaging put up’s, sets
  • Capable to support multiple / simultaneous UM’s length, weight and packaging (roll, case, pallet…)
  • On-line production order status inquiry from sales order line
  • Notes, comments, multi-media, language descriptions…
  • User-defined inquiries and reports; export to business analytical toolbox capsules
  • Customer self service facilities

Availability Check, Scheduling and Reservations

  • Provide customers with accurate order promise dates using Available-to-Promise (ATP)
  • Fulfi ll demand with alternative items if necessary
  • Real-time product availability from sales order line
  • On-line allocations and reservations

Pricing, Discounts, Commissions and Charges

  • Automatic order pricing, discounting and charging through use of NOW definitions
  • Dynamic and static price lists in different currencies, validity dates, and UM’s
  • Sales agents, commissions, selling groups…
  • Price by quality, range and compounding (for example, effective price plus transportation charges)

Release, Picking, Packing and Shipping

  • Create user-defined picking criteria including release sequence rules which control inventory allocations
  • Alter source, quantity or location at pick release
  • Customer-specific restrictions (max number of pieces per roll, allowable number of defects per roll, percentage over / under ordered quantities…) at allocation, release, picking and shipping stages
  • Different packing methods with or without scanning UPC (Universal Product Code) or different barcode types
  • User-defined templates for sales documents: picking, packing lists, bills of lading…
  • Allow partial, over or leftover release and shipment

Customer Credit Management - Credit Check,Tax, Payment and Invoicing

  • Automatically check customer’s credit when capturing order and before fulfilling product through integration to any accounting / financials software package
  • User-definable order fulfillment / order block policies (don’t accept order; accept but don’t release into production, produce but do not ship…)
  • Automatic default tax codes through use of NOW definitions
  • Different payments methods and invoicing addresses

Order Hold

  • Apply hold to items, customer , sites, or warehouses, or combinations (consignment)
  • Pack and hold, bill and hold…
  • Distribution center management

Claims, Credits and Returns

  • Handling "charge-backs"
  • Claim issue, Return Goods Authorization (RGA) and credit note flow
  • Enter expected lot and element number (roll # or carton #) for returned goods
  • Replacement shipping and management of re-stocking fees

Customer Relationship Management

  • Business Partner (customers, suppliers, external sub-contractors, and internal providers)
  • Order Partner • Multiple contacts
  • Multiple addresses (bill to; ship to; return from…)
  • Sales campaigns • "Selling SKU’s" (Stock Keeping Unit) vs. "Internal SKU’s"
  • Business analytics / intelligence

Third Party Manufacturing (Commission Work / Sub-Contractors)

  • Invoicing directly from job lists
  • Inventory management of customer-owned materials
  • Full price list capabilities based on processes
  • Quantity price breaks and discounts
  • Provisional and definitive invoices
  • Printed reports and statistics

ERP for knitting, weaving, spinning, printing, garment, apparel...







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