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Purchasing of any service, product, asset, raw material, and maintenance is managed within the same application.

Datatex Purchasing manages all activities: requisition / approvals, purchase orders, receiving of goods, three-way match, vendor analysis. Material replenishment, policies that govern economic order quantities, lead-times, minimum / maximum stock levels can be defined and customized.

Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

  • Negotiation of long-term agreements with suppliers, defining: selected (or exclusive) products, pricing / discounts, forecasts, agreed volumes and effective dates
  • Default or enforce negotiated terms on all “call off” orders against the BPA
  • Capability to support BPA with only partial product code (style, for example) entry and product code completion (color or size,for example) to be provided in call offs
  • Collections and / or assortments

Order Entry and Processing (Order Fulfillment)

  • Capability to purchase every type of material, services and coded and non coded items included
  • Order templates for different user-defined order types
  • Capture one-time purchases beginning with quote or order entry
  • Fast order entry (full screen-multiple lines)
  • Matrix order entry (color-size or inseam-waist, for example)
  • User-definable header and lines user interface (screen and contents)
  • Multiple delivery lines (different delivery dates and / or different delivery points)
  • Order processing tailoring for specialized business work flow (order life cycle)
  • Batch EDI and web portal order entry; import from external applications, (Advanced Shipping Notes - ASN)
  • Supplier’s SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number to internal SKU number cross- reference
  • Capable to support multiple / simultaneous UM’s length, weight and packaging (roll, case, pallet...)
  • Notes, comments, multi-media, language description
  • User-defined inquiries and reports; export to business analytical toolbox capsules, or Excel work sheets

Pricing, Discounts, Lead-Times and Charges

  • Automatic order pricing, discounting and charging through use of NOW definitions
  • Price lists per supplier in different currencies, effective dates, and UM’s
  • Price by quality
  • Price by quantity ranges
  • Minimum order quantity and delivery lead- time per product/supplier

Tax, Payment and Invoicing

  • Integration to Accounts Payable (A/P) for processing and payment
  • Three-way match capability
  • Automatic default tax and VAT codes through use of NOW definitions

Receiving from Suppliers and Returns to Supplier

  • User-definable receiving function at element level (lot, roll, carton)
  • Partial or over receiving
  • Quality assurance control with possibility to accept or reject the goods
  • Quarantine items until inspected
  • Return of the goods from order or from stock at lot and/or element level (lot, roll, carton), managing reason and return documents

Supplier Relationship Management

  • Business Partner (customers, suppliers, external sub-contractors and internal providers)
  • Order partner
  • Multiple contacts
  • Multiple addresses (return to)
  • Business analytics / intelligence

External Operations

  • Sub-contract of external operations (for example dyeing or printing) without managing the production details
  • Possibility to link the BOM (Bill of Material) to the purchase order
  • Components (raw material) transfer from internal to sub-contract warehouse
  • Accurate calculation of surcharges and discounts, based on price lists
  • Management of external inventories of components or finished goods


  • Rules-based, with defined authority levels (request, approve, buy)
  • Automatic purchase requisitions are created by the planning module, with simple approval process to convert into purchase orders
  • Automatic transformation from requisition to purchase order

Report and Analysis

  • User-defined inquiries and reports; export to business analytical toolbox capsules
  • User-defined vendor selection criteria: by price, delivery, lead-time, quality and past performance
  • Complete status tracking capability

Third Party Manufacturing (Commission Work / Sub-Contractors)

  • Invoicing directly from job lists
  • Inventory management of customer-owned materials
  • Full price list capabilities based on processes
  • Quantity price breaks and discounts
  • Provisional and definitive invoices
  • Printed reports and statistics







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