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Production Order Management

Datatex Production Order Management caters to the manufacturing needs of each individual business, providing a personalized and comprehensive solution capable of understanding and effectively managing each company’s particular production facility.

Main Benefits

  • Precise and thorough control of all production processes to maximize volume and profits for each item - by department and by the whole enterprise
  • Production tracking and exception reporting
  • Reduction of production lead-times
  • Quality improvement by better managing material usage and parameter settings for production
  • Reduction of waste with accurate process standards and monitoring activities
  • Accurate management of external processes, including in-transit shipping, sub contracted processes, and price lists for commissioned activities
    • Tracking the inventory
    • Tracking the external processing
    • Job costing
    • Invoicing
  • Proactive communication between production and customer service so that potential delays and problems can be identified and corrected.

Routing and BOM (Bill of Material)

  • Multiple types of BOM’s and routings are supported (per customer; with alternative materials and / or steps)
  • BOM and routing for a specific production order / customer order
  • Dynamic explosion of dye / print / finishing formulas based on production quantities

Production Entities

  • Demand = customer orders, sales forecasts, sales projections, previously reserved work center capacity, and minimum inventory levels
  • Bulk order = group or split of demands derived directly from customer orders or calculated automatically by MRP, containing one or more products
  • Production demand = smallest entity to be tracked through production
  • Production order = group of demands to be processed in one or more production steps
  • Pre-created element = pallets, cartons, rolls... pre-defined to be entered from production demands or production orders

Capacity Balance

  • Configurable to consider either infinite or finite capacity using a graphical tool to visualize or modify the calculated results
  • Capacity analysis of demand plan based on a combination of: firm customer orders, sales forecasts, previously reserved work center capacity, and minimum inventory levels
  • Bottleneck detection
  • Dynamic calculation of required work center capacity per routing step, considering defined efficiencies, wastes, and standard batch sizes

Material Calculation

  • Dynamic calculation of required materials per routing step, based on expected wastes (fixed and variable), for all upstream and downstream processes

Production Transactions

  • Accurate tracks of all issues and receipts across all phases of production
  • Support of inter-company transfers, to / from outside sub-contractors, with associated lead–times
  • User-definable rules to allow / prohibit shipment of partial / over / remaining production order quantities
  • Automatic back-flash management by production progress or end product stock entries. Quantity can be recalculated based on production quantity or as reserved

Dye-House Management

  • Integrated module that guides the efficient scheduling of all dyeing, printing and finishing activities
  • Calculation for both batch or continuous dyeing / printing / coating
  • Support of dye / print / finishing formulas and recipes, allowing for dynamic adjustments
  • Different items using the same recipe can be included in one dye lot
  • Accurate definition of component usage by percentage of weight or by quantities per volume
  • Ability to calculate based on bath volumes, liquor ratios, pickup percentages, residual volumes and standard losses
  • Accurate tracks of actual dyeing and printing components consumptions
  • Quality improvement with reports of variances for dye-house performance analysis and costing recalculations
  • Direct connection to scales to manage and control weights

Shop-Floor Data Collection (CAMS) and Fabric Inspection & Optimization (CATS)

  • CAMS: (Computer Aided Manufacturing System)
    • Records machine settings and monitors production ‘events’ in real-time
    • Meets regulatory reporting needs for many industries
    • Controls job progression status and job queues
    • Details productivity analysis and variance alerts
  • CATS: (Computer Assisted Textile Supervisor)
    • Reporting and mapping of defects in fabric inspection activities
    • User-defined quality definitions / rules per customer and / or style
    • Cut optimization rules to maximize first quality rolls
    • Capability to tie inventory and production to fabric inspection activities

Production Progress, Tracking and Work in Process (WIP) Visibility

  • Complete visibility across all areas of production, from issuing raw materials to putting away the finished product
  • Support of both forward and backward scheduling, or a combination of both (priority to the ‘bottleneck’)
  • Calculation of expected completion times based on order quantities, setup / change- over times, machine efficiency, average run lengths, waste, elongation / contraction, and reprocessing
  • Negative availability analysis for each production step per defined period (day, week...)
  • Work center load analysis
  • Compatible with many popular monitoring and control systems (spinning, loom, knit, dye-house...)
  • Fixed or rate-based outputs
  • Operations: in parallel or in series
  • Optional / mandatory shop-floor data collection
  • User–defined technical data definable for each production step (standard operating procedures...)
  • Multiple UM’s with automatic conversions
  • Net, gross, or conditioned weights
  • Partial step quantities can be progressed, allowing overlapping of operations
  • Production steps can be stopped, taken off the machine, inventoried, and re-issued into production at a later time
  • Allocation of completed job steps to next production step or to customer orders
  • Supports internal, external, multi-item, multi-batch production
  • Creation and handling of all required documentation: pick lists, piece tags, processing instructions...
  • Exports to Excel for easy reporting

Quality Management

  • The same product can be defined with multiple quality levels
  • Inventory views are seen by these different quality levels
  • Support of re-work to improve quality levels
  • Configurable rules allow a ‘second’ quality measurement for one customer to be classified as ‘first quality’ for another customer

Waste Control

  • Support of dynamic calculation of material issues based on expected wastes
  • Accurate handling of fixed or variable wastes per production order
  • Waste products to be re-processed
  • Support of elongation / contraction and actual vs. expected wastes per production step

External Operations

  • Visibility into outside sub-contractors with routing steps and warehouse transactions to / from
  • Accurate calculation of surcharges and discounts, based on price lists
  • Tracks of production by batch, piece, location...

Commission Work / Sub-Contracting for Others

  • Management of price lists and invoicing directly from job lots
  • Special inventory management rules for customer-owned materials
  • Full price list capabilities based on processes, surcharges, and discounts
  • Quantity price breaks and discounts
  • Provisional and definitive invoices generated from production orders
  • Printed reports and statistics







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