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Product Lifecycle Management

D-View is the product lifecycle management module for the Datatex platform.

It provides an invaluable tool for companies designing or producing goods (fabric and garments) in different sizes and colors. This module manages all graphical, numerical and textual data needed for product development and production.

Product Data

  • Management of all data needed for the design and production of a style:
    • description
    • bill of material
    • drawings and pictures
    • production instruction
    • (work flow – action handling)
    • fabric composition
    • costing
    • gradient rules for patterns
    • pattern files
  • Dependencies of material usage, size and color of a specific style.
  • Fabric usages obtained by direct link with CAD-programs.
  • Additional costs (making price, packing, printing etc) depending on size and color. Manual cost calculation. Automatic calculation of material cost and total cost of a style.
  • Styles classified and searchable by multiple criteria. E.g. by name, code, variant, etc.

Fabric and supply data

  • Fabric and supply entered with color, size, unit, season, composition, etc.
  • Overview of the styles in which a specific material is used.

Customisable user interface

  • Screen layouts, menus and information access are fully configurable depending on the user’s needs and permissions.

Integration and exchange

  • D-View is fully integrated with other Datatex modules and can link to external programs. E.g. the link with CAD programs brings the pattern information and fabric usage calculations. Existing data (material, style etc.) can be copied to a new product, avoiding keying twice the same data
  • Overview and reports can be exported in a variety of formats and direct data transfer is available
  • The program can be used through an Internet link; security and access control are properly handled.







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