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An accurate and detailed view of inventory across all levels and facilities is a critical business tool.

Knowing the location, status, value, and lead-times of inventory is essential to making the most effective business decisions.

Datatex Inventory accurately handles all levels of inventory and warehousing - from raw materials to finished goods, as well as all levels in between.

Warehouse Management System

  • Physical Warehouse
  • Logical Warehouse
  • Warehouse Group
  • Consignment Warehouse
  • Transit Warehouse
  • Bill & Hold Warehouse
  • Internal, Customer, Supplier Warehouse
  • Accounting Warehouse

Warehouse Management System (Physical Warehouse)

  • Warehouse/zone/bin location level
  • Weight, volume, length, height, width plus 5 user-definable measurements/constrains (for example roll type, box type)
  • Bin nature (picking, transfer, dock, quality control and other)
  • Bin priority and status (active/blocked)
  • Different products, lots, containers, partial entries/issues allowed per location
  • Improved warehouse organization for better response times and increased customer service levels
  • Optimized warehouse efficiencies with engineered location control for quicker response times Warehouse Management System (Logical Warehouse)
  • Possibility to stock any type of products like fiber, yarn, raw materials in general (chemical, dyestuffs, spare parts) greige products and finished products like finished fabric or apparel
  • Management by quantity, lot, container type, container #, element, # of elements (roll, carton, # of cones per carton) level
  • Multiple types of UM’s: Kg/lb, meter/yards, each/unit, lots, bales, pieces, packages, cones, cases, pallets, rolls, colors, sizes, put-up’s
  • Visibility by quality level for the same item number / SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Simultaneous balance by 3 UM’s (length, weight and packaging)
  • Allocation to other warehouses, customers, or production orders
  • Balance for a product in the same logical warehouse can be stored, by company and/ or customer

Warehouse Availability

  • User-definable stock type (availability status like for example stock on hand, reserved for customer order, allocated…)
  • Multiple user-defined availability formulae
  • Negative stock concept
  • Multi company / warehouse analysis
  • Drill down facilities from company to element/location detail
  • “Wild card” searches by article codes
  • Searches by element, container, location or movement status
  • Inquiry per period evidencing negative availability
  • Possibility to reserve the goods for customer / project
  • Inquiry by matrix (color-size) for the apparel section


  • By warehouse / location or product
  • Simultaneous stock take by item on different or same logical warehouse
  • System authorization management
  • Label scanning and barcode capturing

Accounting / Valuation

  • Inventory valuation reports by standard cost, last cost, average estimated cost or average period cost
  • Cost at product, lot, element and quality detail
  • LIFO inventory evaluation

Warehouse Transaction

  • Internal order and internal document (bill of lading) management for warehouse transfer
  • Warehouse and / or bin location transfer
  • User-defined warehouse transaction codes
  • Single entry, issue, transfer by quantity, lot,container, element
  • Multiple entry, issue, transfer by quantity, lot, container , element
  • Product name, lot #, roll # and container # change
  • Ability to split or join elements with full traceability
  • Quality level downsize
  • Printed labels (bar-coded), documents and reports

Material Replenishment

  • Automatic calculation of order points to insure minimum / maximum safety stock levels







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