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Accurate product costing is a must for survival and success. Datatex offers the capability to dynamically calculate standard and actual costs for an unlimited range of production alternatives.

Datatex supports all costing methodologies include simple or complex ABC, (Activity Based Costing). The goal is to accurately highlight contribution margins for all products, services, and production mixes. In addition, the solution will track actual costs, allowing comparison of actual with standard.

Cost Element/Product Components

  • Cost elements are user-defined through tables based on parameter settings.They can be set for cost (e.g. interest) or consumption (e.g. labor)
  • Each cost element and product can use infinite different, user-defined values simultaneously
  • Cost elements and components can be applied to various levels, such as routing steps, work centers, and external operations. Moreover, cost elements and components can be linked to complete or partial product codes managed as ordinary secondary keys (for example, product costs detailed by color, or by color groups which are often defined on a product code’s secondary key)
  • Cost elements can be dynamically divided as direct or indirect costs without a rigid distinction and grouped by type

Cost Calculation

  • Costs are calculated based on common cost/production structures
  • Standard costs can be calculated by product, by BOM and by product routing
  • Calculate the contribution margin of a unit of measurement and/or machine hour by Standard Cost product (average alternative routing) or by single routing
  • Make production plans for a period to determine contribution margins
  • Calculate product costs using the complete or partial product key
  • Explode cost calculation to lower levels of the bill of material
  • All calculations are date sensitive considering validity dates of components
  • Costs and components may have multiple user-definable versions and simulation groups
  • Costs can be differentiated for the same product by manufacturing site

Cost Inquiry

  • Query standard costs using unlimited cost category (for example: frozen standard, actual standard, future)
  • Query costs by cost center, work center and cost element type
  • Query costs of: materials, internal production, external production, interest and below standard quality
  • Query direct and indirect costs dynamically defining the distinction each time
  • Costs by user defined unit of measurement and currency

Cost Simulation

  • Unlimited simulation groups
  • Simulate optimum production mixes that maximize company profits

Sales Cost

  • Different cost per:
    • customer
    • delivery point
    • shipping and delivery mode
    • country code
    • order and order line type
    • carrier
    • payment terms
    • zone/market
    • agent

Actual Cost

  • Roll-up comparisons between standard and actual costs by level or group or combination
  • Evaluate entry movements coming from internal operations
  • Interface with the general ledger
  • The ability to close orders and rationalize earnings based on goods actually produced from a production order







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