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Core manufacturing data

The Datatex database has been designed to support the inherent complexities of all kinds of textile business.

The module is highly configurable and may be tailored to fit the working practices of any textile organisation. The Database module offers:

General Organization Entities

  • Multi-companies / site / facilities / divisions
  • Calendars
  • Business partners
  • Currencies, countries and languages

Templates, Policies, Groups, Types and Counters

  • Personalization-role and user-specific menus with no coding required
  • Customization without programming
  • Technical data (user-definable database field)
  • Multimedia and notes management


  • Different item natures like: product, container, tool, no-inventory product, service, charge, recipe, weaving pattern, print design, cost elements
  • Unlimited item types (product families like: yarn, greige fabric, finished fabric, trims, garment)
  • Definition of up to ten attributes / keys for every item type, with SKU’s (Stock Keeping Unit) up to 110 characters in length
  • Use of secondary attributes (color for example) allows for the handling of items without pre-defined item masters
  • Product structures: sizes, size groups, ranges
  • Support of matrix order entry (for example: size / color or waist / inseam)
  • Unlimited units of measure (UM’s)
  • Support for multi-language / descriptions
  • Unlimited quality levels without changing product name
  • Unlimited commercial codes for the same produced product (aliases).


  • Physical, logical, accounting, in-transit, temporary…
  • Definition of zones locations and specific bins

Costing and Production Database

  • Automatic dynamic construction of BOM (Bill of Material) and routing steps through pre-defined rules (for example component color = parent color for the BOM and work center/time operation selection depending on the shade of the product during a dyeing routing)
  • Definition of operational technical data (work centers, resources, processes, recipes, print designs, weaving patterns...)
  • Definition and management of: product costs, raw material requirements, labor , overhead consumption, and production capacity needs
  • Loading of each work center step, including: processing times, setup / change-over times, resource yields, expected waste, elongation / contraction percentages, standard batch sizes, and operations
  • Operation types supported: continuous, batch, printing, and external
  • Management of engineering changes
  • Alternative BOM, routing, work center
  • Validity dates for each of the above elements


  • Driven by user-profiles allowing intranet, extranet, and Internet access to defined products, plants, warehouses for update or for inquiry only
  • Customer portal friendly architecture
  • Field level security-view and edit, view only, hidden…

Other Features

  • Full integration across all modules and functions
  • Instant and accessible visibility to all users and departments
  • Definition of system structures and how data is handled by the solution







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