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CAD - Computer Aided Design

Leonardo is a powerful CAD environment for textile design, developed over 20 years of collaboration with Italy’s leading wool and cotton manufacturers.

Close integration with the other modules of the Datatex platform allows transfer of all technical parameters from sample creation to the full production environment.

Leonardo consists of four main functional areas:

Colors and yarn management

  • Creates a database of yarns and colors, managing any kinds of yarns, building and designing yarns and simulating 3D yarns, fancy, twisted and melanges.
  • A variety of color-matching techniques: analyzing the color through the scanner, through pre-loaded colors tables, through comparison or locating similar colors already in the database.
  • Management of yarn warehouse: sample production, managing stock entries, issues and inventory and providing statistics.

Design management and research

  • Fabric analysis: an automatic calculation gives the data loom setting, reed type, ground ends, picks/cm and weight
  • Database search for a similar article, if already produced.
  • Calculation of the cost of the fabric.
  • Up to 36 designs displayable on screen at the same time.
  • A powerful technical module, completely integrated with the fabric simulation, supports the creation of new weaves, the analysis of warp and weft arrangements and the automatic scaling of designs to readapt a design from one sample to another or to create automatic designs.
  • Designs can be printed out at exact 1:1 scaling, filed as temporary designs, stored as samples or promoted to New Article status.

Sample management

  • Create and manage any kind of sample with 60 different warps and up to 500 different wefts for each design.
  • High degree of design freedom based on best designer practice in the creation of new fabrics.

Article management

  • A powerful design database with completely customizable layout
  • Records production history, season after season
  • Each colorway stored with its own colors and cross-referenced to articles
  • Automatic design symmetry, weight and composition calculation
  • Color and yarn statistics collection and generation
  • Production optimization by identifying designs with the same warp or where warp reduction is possible.







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