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New Partnership with Portolan

Date Added → September 05, 2019

Datatex created a new stronger partnership with Portolan

Commercial Solutions.


Consistently smart. Get the big picture with NOW ERP.

A great deal is expected of a modern financial software solution: in addition to the essential features, it must also be fully integrated, easy to use, and platform-independent, available for use on all mobile devices in order to keep pace with increasing digitization. You can relax in the knowledge that NOW EVM addresses these challenges. The financial module was developed specifically for the NOW ERP system to meet precisely these requirements.


  • Full integration into NOW.
  •  30 years’ experience in financial development.
  • All data in real time.
  • International network and local support.
  • Leadingedge technology: platform-independent,  webbased, and cloud-enabled.
  • Optional customized extensions for customers.

Get your work done with NOW EVM.

The finance module for NOW ERP.

We understand textile companies. And speak their language.

Portolan. Ihr NOW-Ansprechpartner in der DACH-Region.

Datatex – Benefit from decades of experience

Datatex AG has been the world’s leading ERP provider for the textile and clothing industry for more than 30 years and boasts customers in 42 countries across five continents. More than 400 customers already use the platform-independent solution and benefit from the expertise of 200 consultants. The Datatex solution covers every step of the value chain. Continuous software development in close collaboration with users in the textile industry ensures that it will also meet the future requirements for a modern ERP solution.

Two strong partners for all your processes

Portolan and Datatex. A strong partnership that specializes in the needs of the textile industry. As a financial expert, Portolan develops the NOW accounting system based on the technology and data of the Datatex ERP system for the textile industry. This close collaboration consolidates the competences of both global players. Together, NOW EVM and NOW ERP constitute a software solution that integrates all the business processes of a company operating in the textile industry.

Your specialist and sales partner

Portolan is the sales partner responsible for the ERP system in the German-speaking (DACH) countries and also your local NOW specialist. Our team provides reliable on-site service. If you require international service, you can access our global partner network and benefit from our expertise. We look forward to introducing NOW to you personally.

Telephone +49 7131 2772-0

Portolan Commerce Solutions GmbH Ferdinand-Braun-Strasse 16/1 74074 Heilbronn, Germany

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Our NOW ERP modules. Your accounting essentials.

  • Financial Accounting

In addition to the basic activities of modern financial accounting, the software provides users with customizable user interfaces, automated processes (such as intelligent posting procedures when importing bank data), internationality (such as multi-company businesses, parallel accounting principles, and forex management) and individually extensible standard reports (balance sheet, P & L, business analysis, and cost center reports), which are also available as Excel downloads.

  • Cost Center Accounting

Cost center accounting shows the structure of overhead costs and their allocation to the operational cost objects, ensuring transparency in identifying where costs have arisen. The integrated budgeting is automatically transferred to financial and cost accounting. Various scenarios can be planned using a range of variables. All reports can also be exported as Excel files.

  • Asset Management

The asset accounting module was developed for international application. The software can display parallel inventory management reports in accordance with different accounting principles (HGB, IFRS, etc.) and their imputed valuations. Processing is in real time; thus all values in your asset accounting are consistently and automatically up to date. All reports can be exported to an Excel file at any time.

  • Analytics

The reporting tool produces all relevant financial reports quickly, clearly and in real time, ensuring that you always know how your company is performing. Standard reports (including liquidity analyses, unpaid items, balance sheets, and customer revenues) can be supplemented with individual reports in the customer dashboard. The latest data can also be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, and exported to an Excel file.

Seamless integration. Stand out with NOW ERP and NOW EVM.

NOW ERP is a new family of software that has been specifically developed for the global textile and clothing industry. Due to its highly specialized yet modular structure, the NOW solution can be adapted and tailored to a vast range of industry requirements. Several modules that meet the needs of the textile and clothing industry are available.

Fully integrated NOW ERP and NOW EVM are fully integrated solutions that share a single database. Hence, the master data and user permissions must only be entered once, and they share a standardized and intuitive user interface. Consequently, all data are available to both the accounts department and other parts of the company in real time, giving the accounts department instant access to completed orders and the sales department full access to customers’ payment history.







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