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Interview with Bhaskar Ranjan Saha, Managing Director THE ANALYST LIMITED

Date Added → June 07, 2018

THE ANALYST LIMITED – A software company whose head-quarters are in Dhaka, The Analyst since May 2018 is a new partner and reseller of Datatex products for the Bangladesh market.


What are The Analyst's strong points compared to competitors and what are your flagship products and services?

The Analyst offers 360-degree consulting for companies and successfully proposes the best IT Solutions on the market, able to satisfy all needs in every field: ERP management software, Enterprise Performance Management, Financial Management and analysis, business analysis and control of management, investment analysis, risk analysis, accounting and tax solutions, supply chain, marketing, web and Industry 4.0.


The Analyst decided to be a Datatex Partner. Why did you decide on this and what are the objectives of this partnership? 

I am a person with my career goal of forming my own organisation as one of the best corporate service providers at my age of 50+. Immediately after retiring from my job as an employee I came up with something different from the period of my university life in the 1980s whilst selecting the Apparel and Textile Industry because that industry will never die producing and delivering a basic need of people - Clothes.

I had been engaged with this industry in particular from Nov 2007 to Dec 2017 heading the Business function of Finance, Accounting & Information System with the concept of “Accounting for Business, Integrating all Business Processes in a Single System & Mind to deliver performance” as an employee to the top management of the company. I have observed and experienced the lack of integration of business processes & functions to manage the companies in the industry in Bangladesh, with real time information system achieving its corporate goals and found that the people are always back and forth excuses without appropriate and specific system & solutions. I feel, indeed in today’s revolution of connectivity & software as a Service (SaaS) and rigorous competition, the Bangladesh Apparel & Textile Industry needs an industry focused Integrated Business Process Management Information System and Solutions to optimize its competitive edges.

I had the opportunity to work with a number of local and international management information systems including the Datatex NOW ERP System. During my long work period, I have not found any proven and specific Textile and Apparel Industry focused system & solutions with sufficient experience in implementation and its continuous practice other than the Datatex NOW ERP System. I got introduced directly with Datatex once I joined Liz Fashion in Bangladesh and have gone through it in detail with the designated team of Liz Fashion with interactive emails and web conference during the period Sept 2016 to Dec 2017.

As we, The Analyst, are focused on Apparels and Textiles Industry in Bangladesh with the concept of “Accounting for Business Integrating all Business Processes in a Single System & Mind to deliver Performance” and found that right and appropriate systems and solutions are “Datatex Systems and Solutions” for the industry we are focused on, we offered Datatex to work together for Bangladesh Market. Finally, we partnered with Datatex for the Bangladesh Apparel and Textile Industry this year. (2018)


Our Prime Objectives are:

  1. to serve the industry in the country together with Datatex Systems and solutions with our best concept of “Accounting for Business, Integrating all Business Processes in a Single System & Mind to deliver Performance”, developing and establishing relationship with at least 20 + companies whose yearly turnover more than USD 30.00 million in the industry by next three years.
  2. establishing our own Technical/Commercial consultants and business development team with the help of Datatex resources transferring the knowledge to our team to serve the industry in Bangladesh being the partner and Business Associate of Datatex for a long time through the right People, Process and System for the Apparel and Textile Industry.


The textile industry in Bangladesh has grown a lot in the recent last years. Today Bangladesh is the second worldwide producer of garments (after China) and 80% of the exports of the country are for textile products. What are the characteristics and the strengths that allow to the industries from Bangladesh to be a production reference point for the low-cost brands and for the most important worldwide stylists and brands of the fashion world?

The main characteristics and strengths in this regard are the ‘PEOPLE’ who are easily adopted with the process and system at a low cost in the world having moderate skills in production of Textile Products. Geographically and historically in general our people are loyal to the industry and our entrepreneurs are comfortable with their investment with the Industry considering global demand of the global retailers sourcing labour intensive country for their products at a low cost allowing a number of fiscal incentives by the Government of Bangladesh for Apparels and Textiles Industry in particular for export of textile products.


In the international press is common to find criticism and controversy on the conditions of workers in the Bangladesh textile industry from the salary, rights and security point of view. On the other side the growth of the textile sector is offering may opportunities in terms of working offer and business. What is your opinion?

The criticisms you mention are largely a thing of the past because of continuous monitoring of government & customer compliance teams severally and jointly focusing on social safety, security and environmental requirements for a factory to be established & running. Annual Audit programs & activities are in place to strengthen and maintain the work place conditions and workers commensurate compensation package up to the mark of International Standards with the concepts of fair value of Wages. Entrepreneurs are very much eager to meet it without hesitation for their sustainability in the industry. Our industry has come to an acceptable level of standards as are not in many countries in the world. So, any criticism in this regard, in my opinion it is done purposely, even though it is without evidence. Bangladesh is passed with praise & proud the standard of ACCORD and ALLIANCE formed by European and American Buyer Groups, particularly for safety and security of the work place. It is created a milestone in the industry for its sustainability. Now the industry in terms of growth in Bangladesh is very good with the challenges of increasing efficiency in terms of production workforce i.e. Productivity and Management efficiency with the concept of people, process and systems, in addition, the stability of the good government.  Impact of the climate may be one of the problem for Textile Industry in Bangladesh in future specially usage of Water. Buyers point of view internationally show no scope to ignore Bangladesh for their textile products in next Ten - Twenty Years, in my opinion, as the industry strength is grown during last forty years, it shall not be stopped within the shorter time of future considering the global and local circumstances and people skills development of the country.


Source: Datasys Magazine

Edited by Luigi Torriani







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