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Date Added → June 26, 2018


DINO ZOLI GROUP – Italian entrepreneurial excellence, the Dino Zoli Group consists of twelve companies, operating in very different sectors. Among them the leader is Dino Zoli Textile, founded in 1972 and its core business is the production and distribution of fabrics for furniture. 



Interview with Monica Zoli, Curated by Luigi Torriani


Dino Zoli Textile produces in Italy and in China and distributes all over the world from the Italian headquarters and from the office Dino Zoli Brasil in Brazil. What are your flagship products and what markets are the most interesting for you? 

We mainly address the Italian and European upholstered furniture industry and distribute both in Italy and abroad. In order to differentiate ourselves as much as possible we are constantly looking for new markets for our products, and we are currently trying to enter the Motorhome sector (caravans and mobile homes) and we are successfully collecting first results from the development of innovative outdoor textile collections. Our philosophy is flexibility, which pushes us to develop new organizational solutions and products to adapt quickly to market changes and even anticipate them. Other strong points are the constant attention to the customer service and to good relations with all stakeholders. 


Today the Dino Zoli Group – with DZ Engineering – is also involved in artistic lighting, video control and integrated systems for large events. What are the most interesting works you have signed in this context? 

There are many really unique works we did, and our particularity in this case is to adapt each studio to the requests of a project. Internationally the most representative project signed by DZ Engineering is the lighting and CCTV system of the Singapore F1 city circuit. Fascinating and worthy of mention – among our many works – are also the lighting of Castel del Monte, Andria, Le Due Basiliche of Siponto, with the extraordinary work of the young artist Edoardo Tresoldi (indicated by Forbes 2017 list among the most influential of the world in the category under 30), Galla Placidia in Ravenna and the Crypt of Otranto.   


Dino Zoli  Group is also art and culture: the Dino Zoli Foundation, based in Forlì, is a museum of contemporary art with spaces dedicated to exhibitions, interdisciplinary events, debates and book presentations. How is the Foundation born? What are the most important artists you have hosted and what are the plans for the future?

The Foundation was born from the desire of Dino Zoli to create an institutional place in which host the activities related to art and its promotion, having art always been one of his many passions. The creativity that characterizes the companies of the Dino Zoli Group is in this way well represented by the Foundation. Major exhibitions such as “Baldessari and Depero – Futurism”, “Mario Schifano – End of Trasmissions”, and last year’s “Mustapha Sabbagh – Made in Italy”, alternate with exhibitions by local and emerging artists, among which “Massimo Sansavini – Touroperator”, with his sculptures made of wood from the hulls of the shipwrecked migrants in the Mediterranean, and the last inaugurated on February 24 “Silvia Bigi – The Tree of Milk”, young artist who looks at the subject of gender identity, raising reflections on the role of women in contemporary society. Starting from June we will host the exhibition of the works of the 70 artists selected by ARTEAMCUP with whom we collaborate and we will have two prizes: purchase of the winner’s work and artist’s residence at the Dino Zoli Textile for the realization of a work connected to the textile material. For September 2018 we are working on an ambitious event and for the moment we prefer to keep it secret. 


The Dino Zoli Group is also active today in the food& beverage sector, with I Sabbioni agricultural company that produces – in the hills between Forlì and Faenza – extra virgin olive oil and Romagna Sangiovese DOC wines. What are your plans in terms of distribution of these products? I Sabbioni’s production is destined to remain niche or you intend to expand in this field? 

The agricultural company I Sabbioni produces high quality wines and oil. The project has been entrusted to a capillary distribution network throughout Italy. We distribute our wines also on foreign markets that follow the same criteria. For a large food & beverage distribution a new company was born, the Dino Italian Wine & 
Food that will select the Italian excellences together with a group of experts and export them all over the world. The criteria of Horeca or GDO distribution will be followed in any case.   


In recent years Italy is going through an economic, social and political crisis that is not easy to solve. What do you think are the root causes of this weaknesses and what can be done to restart the situation and grow again?

How do you say? “I thank you for the trust you have given me” when you asked me such a demanding question. The change is bound to happen sooner or later, but it would be better if it was confronted with interventions at various levels and with commitment of everyone in order to handle it with less suffering possible. Although some penalizing features of our economic, political and fiscal system are indisputable, I believe that there are already resources to make the situation better. Italy is an incredible country as well as its people, and it would be great if we could all work together with mutual trust in our daily activities starting from all that we have and all the things we are good at.











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