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Datatex and Surya Data Infokreasi team up for the Indonesia Textile Manufacturing Market

Date Added → January 05, 2017

2017 marks the year that Datatex and Surya Data Infokreasi enter into a close collaboration to provide the world’s most comprehensive, industry specific ERP solution for the Textile and Garment industry to the Indonesian T & G manufacturers.

Surya Data with their proven expertise in the Garment Industry are realising the fast growing market demand for a complete vertical, specialised ERP solution to cover the entire, often complex process from Fibre to Garment and have therefor decided to partner with Italy based Datatex.

Datatex NOW, the only true ERP solution for the textile industry with hundreds of industry leading, happy customers world-wide, including Indonesia, also acknowledge the value of collaborating with Surya Data creating a win – win – win situation. For Surya Data to gain access to a large textile manufacturing industry, for Datatex to establish a strategic presence in the heart of Asia and most importantly for the Indonesian textile manufacturers now having access to the world leading ERP solution while being supported locally.

The collaboration will inform the industry in Indonesia in the coming months of the value of this ideal partnership. The Datatex NOW ERP solution together with Surya Data’s best industry expertise in Indonesia.

"We have been looking at Indonesia as a strategic location for the Asia, and specifically Indonesia market for some time. While having had some success in recent years we also had to learn that it would require a strong, IT and industry focussed partner to make a breakthrough and be able to support our customers locally. With Surya Data we are just there now" says Datatex CEO Ronnie Hagin.

“Collaboration with Datatex is strategically important for us, as we continue to share our expertise and experience with yet another specific industry in Indonesia. Textile is vertically aligned with our main focus, the apparel and garment industry. This means that our experience, network and know-how will offer tremendous value for local textile manufacturers. We feel that Datatex and Surya Data Infokreasi share the same values, offering solutions for industry specific challenges through interaction with industry peers, hence our cooperation will provide sheer endless potential to achieve extraordinary results to the benefit of Indonesian industry players.” says Dicky Winata, Director Business Development, Surya Data Infokreasi. 












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