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Clerici Tessuto | Italian fabrics for luxury

Date Added → July 17, 2018

What is “luxury” in the world of fashion and clothing today? What does it mean to be elegant today? How has the sector evolved in recent years?

Today luxury is seen mainly as “exclusivity”, and being elegant today means presenting a style that is as unique as possible and inclined to the individual contexts, with refined products and of the highest intrinsic quality. The sector has changed significantly in recent years, as a result of both structural changes on the market and adjustments and responses to these changes designed by operators in the entire supply chain. In particular, the end consumer has substantially changed his purchasing behavior with greater attention to value, exclusivity and purchasing experience, which today has become multi – channel: physical and digital. The consumer is less “faithful” to the single brand, is less ostentatious, more attentive to transmitting messages about his way of being, frequently updated on social media about trends and proposals, and always looking for the composition of products adaptable to the environment where they are worn. The uncertainty generated by the new purchasing behavior of the end customer and the request for answers in short time have led the sector to expand the product offer, with a consequent increasing fragmentation of production lots, and to reduce supply times. These aspects are reflected in the upstream phases because they are structurally less flexible and resilient due to the rigidity of production assets.

Clerici Tessuto collaborates with the best brands in the fashion industry all over the world,creates designs, creates
and sells finished fabrics and garments, has collections for men’s and women’s clothing, accessories (foulards, scarves, ties) for large distribution, collections for swimwear, intimates and furnishing sector, and is one of the few companies in the world today capable of traditional chine weaving and thanks to restructuring some of the historical looms is able to create silk velvets with an ancient technique. Clerici Tessuto’s offer is therefore particularly wide and able to satisfy a very heterogeneous spectrum of requests and needs. What products and services are your core business today and which products and services, within your offer are the most promising for the future?


Clerici Tessuto’s offer is positioned at the highest levels of the market in terms of quality and complexity of production. We often change our way of work, based on our experience and our skills, to create excellent products that tend to satisfy refined and sophisticated market requests. The fabrics for clothing are still the “core business” of the company, although we are present in the furniture market and in the accessories segment for both men and women.

In the development path of the company, the women’s accessories area and fabrics for men’s clothing are the two main growth routes today, objects of specific investment initiatives.
We as a company provide a sophisticated service to the market, especially to the maison, as we are partners of our customers, and we support them in product development process, from the stylistic briefing to the production of fabrics for the garments in their retail chains.

In a highly globalized and competitive context such as today’s, the “Italian system”, sadly known for its high cost of labor and bureaucracy, certainly does not help companies be competitive. On the other hand, the “Made in Italy” brand in many sectors has helped and in some cases still helps make the difference on the market.
How much did it count in the past and how important is the Italian brand in the textile sector today?

The “Italy” brand is certainly relevant for the sector, however it is no longer sufficient to determine the success of a product. Once the “Italy” brand meant creative and stylistic ability, today it unequivocally expresses the ability to know how to create unique and exclusive products in an artisanal or pseudo – industrial way. The “difference however is determined by the ability to combine service and excellence in the product. The production takes place in a  sustainable way, from a social and environmental point of view today, and also from an energetic and biological point of view. Sustainability is an element that must be inextricably linked to the “Italia” brand.

Clerici Tessuto has an outlet in Milan and has recently started selling online with the new e-commerce shop. How important is the B2C online channel for you, and what do you think of e-commerce industry?
Can it become a part of a business practice or is it something that must be avoided for image reasons and adherence to a trend?

The e-commerce channel has only been active for a few months and for now contributes less to business results. In any case it is aimed at serving mainly B2C clients, with the reference to small clothing producers or retail. It exceeds the logic of outlets and is aimed at providing prompt and fast service.
We believe it will have a  significant importance in the next trimesters, especially when we open it to more evolved markets
from a digital point of view.




Clerici Tessuto, a historic Como- based company founded in 1922, is one of the world’s leading textile companies today for the luxury sector, with an industrial complex of over 10.000 square meters in Grandate (Como), with a textile stamping plant, a dyeing plant and foreign commercial offices in Paris and New York.









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