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Mobile Sales App - ENG

Datum → July 15, 2019



We are excited to introduce to you our new exciting products line:  

  • Extension product to our flagship NOW ERP Solution;
  • The SalesApp for Android, iOS that empowers the Sales Channel of our NOW Customers to transact on a Tablet Device;
  • The Sales Channel includes the direct Sales and the Agent Partners of the NOW Customer.

The design is made to ensure the lowest power consumption and gives the possibility to optimize the storage of data on the device.



With an objective to increase the reachability of the NOW Platform for the End Users and the NOW Customers, datatex is releasing a product line that shall support transacting on Hand held devices over a Native Application.

The need to capture the Sales Orders over exhibitions (International Fairs) drives the requirement for such a product line within NOW Platform;


To enable synchronization of Orders and Products over the web with the NOW Platform once the device comes online.

The expected users of this Native App shall be the Sales and Marketing group of the NOW Licensee.



The catalogue can be configured to view images by row or by column, with ability to render high resolution images. The App has its own database so that it can operate independent of the data connectivity.

The mobile sales app reduces processing time, making ordering and sample order collection much quicker and more accurate, enabling a seamless Communication with the Sales Personnel and the Agent Partners on the ground and the NOW Licensee Users.



  • Ability to empanel new customers through intuitive means such as to capture the potentials customer’s business card as Image;
  • Ability to send the created Customers to NOW;
  • Ability to get all the customers as configured in NOW for the Sales Channel who is using the App;
  • Ability to navigate into the Product through a Catalog or by searching directly for a Product or by scanning the barCode/QRCode of a Product Sample;
  • Setting a filter for Products based on the sales Channel using the App. This filter could be based on the Sales Channel’s entitlement;
  • Ability to associate Image with each Product and Catalog for allowing better visualization of the product;


  • Ability to see the current stock of the Product based on the configured Warehouse and quality Levels need of the customer. The configuration is done on NOW;
  • Identifying the potential Price of the Product based on Currency/Customer/Agent specific Price Definition/Quantity Bands;
  • This Price can be a Specific Price configured for that Sales Channel;
  • Ability to apply Discounts based on the entitlement of the Sales Channel;
  • Ability to create sales Orders and capture images of Notes/Sample Fabric to be sent to NOW for further order processing;
  • Ability to work on the App even if Data connection is not there. The Sales Channel has the privilege to Synchronize his customers and Sales Orders when he has the data Connection on his tablet;
  • Highly secure communications between NOW and the Device through a Wrapper system and other standard Security Mechanisms;
  • Enable the Sales Channel to monitor the status of the existing Orders for a customer;
  • Enable the Sales Channel to monitor the Status of the Invoices raised against customers;
  • Highly secure communication between NOW and the Device through a Wrapper system and other standard safety mechanisms. The SalesApp administrator user would have the privilege of resetting the complete data of all sales channels, while the respective sales channel can only delete its own data;
  • Allow the sales channel to search for sales orders to be taken on the device. Orders to be taken can be filtered by selected customers or by age of Orders, most recent orders, or by market segment/area of the Customer. The objective of this feature is to allow the sales channel to view the history of a particular customer and to provide the customer with the status of his order;

The goal of this app being to reduce the no of text to enter, and allow capture of most of the information through Clicks and Camera

A very easy to use system that reduces the data footprint on the Device by configurations on the ERP system

The catalog itself can be configured based on the need of the Exhibition/Visiting Customer to enable simpler navigation on the device.


Some agent specific configurations allow a reduce data exchange between the device and the ERP system, so that only relevant data is presented to the Appropriate Sales Channel.







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