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Datatex will be present at Intex South ASIA 2018 during November 14-16th in Colombo, Sri Lanka at Hall E, booth E-15

Datum → November 06, 2018

Datatex team will present the successful NOW ERP along with the complete suite of solutions for Textile and Apparel Industry.

During this show, Datatex would unveil its plans to work closely in Asia Pacific region with new Datatex India office established this year. The Datatex team would be available during the event with fully equipped demo systems to show the capabilities of Datatex solutions for Spinning, Knitting, Weaving, Processing and Apparel manufacturing organizations.

Datatex solutions:
ERP for day to day business transactions across sales, purchase, planning, production, finance, quality management, plant maintenance, HR payroll.
Advanced planning solutions for capacity balancing and machine scheduling, the key contributors to increase planning efficiency of any organization.
Shopfloor data recording and automation solutions to help organizations to be tap on the real time machine data, production progresses or quality information. Be it inspection of fabric using inspection machines or auto dosing and dispensing systems or automatic warehousing systems, datatex solutions unify the shopfloor data with base ERP to help take crucial business decisions.

Datatex solutions have been successfully implemented at Sri Lankan organizations.









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